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The First Foundation Stone for a Beautiful Christian Marriage

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    Triumph of Marriage is for people who are married or preparing for marriage.


    8 Steps to Forgiveness
    We all make mistakes and in the core of your marriage, you must be intentional to forgive your spouse. In this session you will learn 8 steps for complete forgiveness and restoration within your marriage.
    4 Keys to Communication
    Understanding how to connect and be one with your spouse is essential for your marriage to triumph. In this session you will learn how use your words to bring life, harmony, healing and lots of fun within your marriage.
    Sexual Intimacy
    Sex is God’s idea for wonderful pleasure within a marriage. It flows from the harmony within a deep and fulfilling relationship between a husband and a wife, to glorify God and be a beautiful picture of Christ and the Church. Sexual intimacy should evolve and grow in the different seasons of your marriage.
    5 Keys to Conflict Resolution
    All marriages have disagreements and conflict from time to time. In this session you will learn how to resolve these painful times and use them to grow and strengthen your marriage.
    Money Management

    Money problems are one of the main reasons marriages fail and, in this session, we will provide you with:

    • The core reasons for money problems;
    • The biblical basis for managing our money; and
    • 7 steps to resolve money problems.

    It includes a sample spreadsheet to manage your money.

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