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Welcome to Triumph of Marriage (ToM) and the biblical truths for your marriage to reach beautiful depths of love and intimacy.

We have gleaned many valuable lessons in 37 years of marriage, in the best of times and in the darkest valley, following the suicide of our beloved son Alex (17) and, eight years later, the unbelievable death of our beautiful daughter Rebecca (32). 

Statistically, our marriage should have failed!*  

In the darkest days of our marriage, from her broken mother’s heart, Jeannie lost her faith and not only hated herself but she also hated me and was planning to walk out on me. Our marriage was that close to failing! 

Through many tears, sleepless nights and great pain, the power and light of God’s love and word started to drive out the darkness in our marriage. And, in the struggle, we learnt universal truths for every marriage. Truths that need to be shared. Truths upon which your marriage can soar on the wings of love, laughter and intimacy!  Truths that have been used as a pastor and in many years of counseling marriages. 

Today, our love is deeper and stronger than it has ever been!

* Up to 19 out of 20 marriages fail following the suicide of a child! 




Module 1 – 3 Essential Biblical Foundation Stones for a Happy Marriage
Growing your marriage on these foundation stones is security against the storms of life and a safe place for your marriage and family to grow and flourish.

Lesson 1: The Purpose for your Marriage
Lesson 2: The Cornerstone of a Happy Marriage
Lesson 3: A Love that Never Runs Out


Module 2 – Treasures in the Spiritual Realm
Understanding Jesus’ teaching on love and light will help to transform how you relate to your spouse.  
We will expose your adversary and teach you how to resist and triumph over every strategy to destroy your marriage.

Lesson 4: Love’s Secret to Transform Marriage
Lesson 5: The Unseen Enemy of your Marriage


Module 3 – Love is…
We live in a broken and mixed up world that has confused what real love really is.  In these lessons you will learn about the beauty and safety of a love that never fails!  
It’s a beautiful thing to grow your marriage on respect, patience, loving kindness, wisdom, hope and joy.

Lesson 6: What is Love? – Part 1 – Patience (including, dealing with annoying habits) and Kindness
Lesson 7: What is Love? – Part 2 – Love is Not: Jealous, Boastful, Proud or Rude
Lesson 8: What is Love? – Part 3 – Love does Not – get irritable and holds no record of wrongs
Lesson 9: What is Love? – Part 4 – Love bears all things, is always hopeful and never gives up


Module 4 – Keeping the Heart of your Marriage Healthy
Forgiveness, communication and conflict resolution are all very important for your marriage to stay strong and healthy and you will learn how to triumph in all of these areas.  

Beautiful sexual intimacy is God’s plan for your marriage and you will learn what the Bible teaches about sex and how to triumph over an issue that is destroying many Christian marriages, namely, pornography. 

Lesson 10: 8 Keys to Forgiveness
Lesson 11: 4 Keys to Communication
Lesson 12: 5 Steps to Conflict Resolution
Lesson 13: Sexual Intimacy – Part 1 – Biblical teaching for a beautiful sexual intimacy.
Lesson 14: Sexual Intimacy – Part 2 – Practical tips sexual pleasure including ‘Do Not’s’ e.g. banishing pornography.


Module 5 – How to Triumph in your Everyday Situations
Parenting, money, and family issues e.g. in-laws, can all cause tremendous stress and strain on your marriage. 

Your health and wellness are important to help you have a beautiful happy marriage.  Jeannie, a former professional ballerina, and Gerard a former athlete, share tips on how to maintain a healthy body and mind for your marriage to triumph.   

You will learn how to triumph in all these areas and what to do if you no longer love your spouse.  

Our final lesson is for those who, one day, would like to get married and it’s, ‘how to find the person God has prepared for you and some steps to prepare for marriage.’

Lesson 15: Managing your Money
Lesson 16: Health and Wellness
Lesson 17: In-Laws, Friends and Hobbies
Lesson 18: Parenting
Lesson 19: What do you do if you no longer love your spouse?
Lesson 20: Finding a Godly Spouse.

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Who will benefit from ToM?

ToM is for anyone who wants a better marriage. It’s also for singles who, one day, desire to have a beautiful marriage built on biblical truth.


How will it work?

If you sign up for ToM, you will be given access to our e-learning web site, including the full content of the course.  

Each week we will send a link to the next session in the course, including one or two videos and a brief exercise to apply what we have shared. The weekly sessions should take you no more than one hour to complete.

The course builds week by week and we encourage you to follow the order of the topics. However, after signing up, you will have the option to view the content in the order of your choice. For example, if your marriage is failing and one or both of you no longer love each other, you may want to start with, What do you do if you no longer love your spouse?



Next Steps

If you would like to improve your marriage using ToM, we suggest it would be good to get to know each other.

We’ll start with our story and, if you would like to, please email us with whatever you would like to share about your journey. Prayer is at the center of all that we do and please let us know how we can pray for you.


Our Story: 

The pain of our journey is still very much with us. We desperately miss our precious Rebecca and Alex every day! Sometimes, we still struggle with God over the bitterness of the cup He has given us to drink. And yet, we know that He is very much with us, and He has sustained us “for such a time as this.”  



How would you describe your marriage?  Write as little or as much as you’d like, but make sure you cover:
What are three areas in which you would like your marriage to triumph?
On a scale of 1-10 (10 being perfect), how would you score your marriage in terms of what you want it to be.

We do hope you have been inspired to journey with us in ToM.

The heart of our ministry is to help the poor and the suffering, and the money from ToM will be used to bring good news to the poor* – see some of our work with the poor.

* Triumph of Marriage is part of Awakening to God Ministries (ATG), a 501c3 non-profit corporation that shares God’s love with people who are suffering in the US and around the world, We’re currently working to provide clean water to 100 villages in India.

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with ToM.

We believe ToM will inspire and strengthen your marriage, and you can take the course for less than the time and cost of a cup of coffee each week!  

We believe with all our heart, marriage is worth investing in, and we pray you will join us on this intimate journey in ToM.


In the next lesson, we will share with you the first and most important essential foundation stone for your marriage to triumph.

With much love,

Gerard and Jeannie