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Jesus said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35


The foundations of a marriage that gives glory to God is found in the Bible.  And, statistics show that the closer a couple base their marriage on, ‘the Makers Instructions’ the more likely it will succeed.  Marriages that are not based on biblical truth are more likely to fail.

We thank and praise God for His wonderful mercy and grace in allowing us to be co-laborers with Him for such a time as this. Arguably, there has never been such an opportunity to share the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ, as there is today.

We want to be faithful to the Lord! We know with all our hearts that the Lord carried us in our darkest hours and He showed us the biblical truths upon which our marriage could triumph in the fiercest storm.

In our Triumph of Marriage e-learning course (ToM), we are passing on the biblical truths that helped our love to go deeper still, in the face of Satan’s vicious attack on our family.

Our desire and prayer is that ToM will glorify God by helping Christian marriages to enjoy an even greater depth of love and intimacy. Over 20 sessions, ToM covers topics such as, ‘What is Love,’ Forgiveness, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Money Management and Sexual Intimacy.

Please help us to launch ToM with your prayers and by signing up, sharing this resource with your family and friends; and giving us your feedback and comments on the content.

With much love,

Gerard and Jeannie

Are You Ready To Transform Your Married Life?


“I am so excited about the ATG App. One of the desires of my heart is to make a commitment to learn more bible verses and also to get in the habit of journaling and I truly believe that this App will be a huge encouragement in helping me to do this!

Jenny, IL



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